Luciano menu: Fall Update

31.10.2018 - 31.12.2018

Luciano menu: Fall Update

Autumn has come, which means that the restaurant Luciano is ready to please its guests with a bright update of tastes.


Seasonal crispy bruschettas with plum, grapes and honey pumpkin combined with soft cheeses, Camembert and light ricotta, will become a great start of the day. The more nourishing options like bruschettas with shrimps or dried turkey will be the perfect addition for lunch.


The main update of the pasta menu is flavored cappelletti with pancetta, a delicious way to cheer up on any weather.

The perfect first course with a taste of autumn is the eel and seasonal vegetables soup. The combination of eel and the classic consommé, which retains the unique spirit of Italy due to the fragrant sage and rosemary, is really surprising.  


Mediterranean cuisine lovers will appreciate the bright seasonal updates like trout, original salmon and sea bass servings, as well risotto with vongole and smoked kefir.


Traditional recipes have also received some new visions in the Luciano autumn menu: a farm chicken in seasonal herbs, a duck leg with spelled and roasted celery and young bull tenderloin with the Jerusalem artichoke gratin are waiting for the guests.

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