Matcha-colored spring in Luciano

19.04.2019 - 18.04.2020

Matcha-colored spring in Luciano

Cheerfulness, happiness, matcha!


To celebrate the arrival of this sunny spring, the restaurant Luciano has updated its “coffee without coffee” products line. The menu was completed by drinks from precious matcha - from the classic green and alternative blue ones. You can try matcha in a light latte format and, for example, with base of alternative milk, or in a stronger and more intense cappuccino format. These drinks will give vigor, strengthen the immune system and will be an excellent alternative for those who promised to give up caffeine.


And in order to achieve absolute health benefits, Luciano offers its guests a natural alternative to sugar - as a sweetener for both “non-coffee” and traditional coffee, guests can now order Jerusalem artichoke syrup - rich in biologically active ingredients and a perfect natural sugar substitute that also helps to loose weight.




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