#SinlessBurger in Luciano

19.04.2019 - 18.04.2020

#SinlessBurger in Luciano

The wide-spread novelty of White Rabbit Family holding -  #SinlessBurger is now in Luciano!


Innovative burger made from vegetable meat Beyond Meat, consisting of pea protein, water and oil, and at the same time by smell, taste and color it is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual.

For example, the red color of the "sinless" 100% vegan meat is achieved by beet juice.


A team of 40 scientists, chefs, molecular biologists and plant physiologists worked on the formula of this innovative meat at the Manhattan Beach Project center in California. For more than seven years they have worked to make it as similar as possible to the present. The founder of Microsoft Corp, Bill Gates, Twitter co-founder Bee Stone, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, ex-McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson and many other famous people in the world who care about the future of our planet have invested in the development of vegetable meat.


The White Rabbit Family holding shares the ideas and values of responsible and eco-friendly consumption and seeks to promote them, helping to make the future of the planet brighter: it consumes 99% less water, 93% less land, 46% less electricity, and The volume of greenhouse gases accompanying the production of meatballs from regular meat is reduced 10 times.

Unique #SinlessBurger can be tasted in Luciano from today!

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