Luciano invites for blini

28.02.2019 - 10.03.2019

Luciano invites for blini

Restaurant Luciano opens its Maslentisa festivities and reminds - there is a very own national Maslenitsa in Italy, too! The custom to bake blini before the end of the February season of carnivals appeared as early as the Middle Ages and remains to this day.
Chef Andrei Koshkodan maintains a delicious tradition and from February, 28 he offers a special menu of classic and gluten-free pancakes with stuffing for every taste: from a sweet banana with caramel to a spicy crab. Fans of unusual recipes will be delighted with ricotta pancakes, as well as green spinach pancakes with salmon and delicate avocado. Original pancake desserts - four types of pancake cakes: blueberries, chocolate, salted caramel with nuts and green matcha.
Early Maslenitsa in Luciano is a great opportunity not to miss a single novelty and try the entire menu.


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