Luciano's new breakfasts

14.01.2019 - 30.04.2019

Luciano's new breakfasts

Excellent breakfast is always not just about food, but also about the taste for life. In order to start the day properly, the сруа of the Luciano restaurant, Andrey Koshkodan, prepared a special update of the breakfast menu.
There are tender pancakes on kefir with stracciatella and tender peach or pumpkin and apple chutney in the menu. There is also a special gluten-free version of chef's pancakes - with seasonal persimmon and maple syrup - present.
An exquisite variation on breakfast theme - asparagus baked with chicken egg, parmesan and black truffle, avocado with egg and smoked turkey shavings.


A more substantial option is a croissant with ham, scramble and vegetable salad or brioche with avocado and salmon. Together with Luciano's specialty coffee, they make up a great option for a complete breakfast on weekdays and weekends.
A proper breakfast will give you a supply of energy until the late evening or simply make an already beautiful morning unforgettable. You can always find it in the Luciano restaurant from 09:00 to 12:00.






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