Luciano’s winter specials

01.01.2019 - 31.01.2019

Luciano’s winter specials

Gastronomic discoveries are the best way to start the new year and survive the snowy winter.


Especially for its guests, the Luciano restaurant has prepared festive dishes that combine seasonal motives of Italian cuisine and fresh seafood.


Baked oysters with blue cheese or unagi sauces, and a mini romano salad with a bright taste of anchovy or whitefish caviar as an aperitif. For a hot snack - ravioli with ricotta, lemon zest and persimmon melted in a delicate sauce.

An unusual lasagna with seafood and baked with thyme and caviar of cod as a main dish. A new year's novelty for the lovers of more traditional recipes is also prepared - sea bass, baked in salt and ginger.


A surprise awaits the ones who are fond of Luciano’s Neopolitan pizzas: a new pizza with spicy chorizo veal - a real deal for big companies and family dinners.


Hurry up to try all the new year's novelties - the special menu will be available in the Luciano restaurant until the end of January.


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