Breakfasts at Luciano

01.05.2017 - 03.09.2018

Breakfasts at Luciano

Menu has been updated with continental breakfast dishes.

With a glass of champagne or a smoothie, choose from nine ways of eggs preparations: «Florentine» with fried spinach, sauce Hollandais, red caviar and mix salad, Royale with salted salmon, Hollandais and radish, omelete with Tambov ham, green peas and Gouda cheese... Six kinds of good sandwiches, sausages and pancakes for those, who charges with the morning energy. Lovers of light breakfasts have a choice of yogurts and muesli with berries and fruits, homemade cottage cheese and Russian cheesecakes.
Morning desserts will lift You up: brioche, croissants and pancakes with berries - start a delicious new day!

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