01.05.2015 - 15.09.2015


Outdoors everything tastes better. Tartar with dorado dressed with kaffir-lime leaves and orange fresh with tomatoes and pike caviar, watermelon salad with grilled scallops and almonds, duck with cherries and pistachios and other dishes that chief Iliya Zalharof has prepared for the beginning of the new season.


Luciano’s summer veranda on Smolenskaya square looks just like typical roman café: forged iron tables and chairs covered with snow-white tablecloths are fenced from the pavement with the wall of green plants. You can occasionally come in for a cup of cappuccino and cake, you can meet your friends on a business-lunch or end your working day having a light dinner or refreshing cocktail.


For those who need more vitamins in the beginning of summer, there’s a lot of smoothies: with avocado and blackberries, kiwi and cabbage, sweet potato and apple. Berries are mixed with every summer dessert: cassata is mixed with cherry and raspberry sauce, vanilla sabayon is mixed with wood berries and peppermint, mango & kiwi mousse is mixed with raspberry and blackberry mousse and pistachio ice cream.

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