03.01.2015 - 12.01.2015


Let your day begin with… “Luciano dinner”! Chief- sommelier Vladimir Prokofiev has made a special mix for late breakfasts on these New Year holidays. It’s spicy and delicious: a bit of odorous coriander- vodka, a bit of spicy mustard-vodka, natural tomato juice, couple drops of oyster sauce, tabasco and lemon juice – two sips will surely bring you back to the life after the longest night. Another tip to solve your problems fast enough – “Tequila cartel”. The only right and true Mexican way to drink tequila: swallow a bit, than have a bit of spicy homemade sangrita, and repeat backwards after 1 minute to discover the taste. And finally mix all the remained tequila with sangrita and make a nice big swallow.


For those who prefer to extend the pleasure, there is a good refreshing cocktail in Luciano’s “Hangover menu”. “Cloudy morning” made of dry jerez and dry vermouth served with pickled egg. The Egg, by the way, is the great cure for hangover, that’s why it comes also with cool “Refreshing” mix made of jerez brandy with gin and lemon. Girls will definitely like “Pedro’s kiss”, not only because of its name, but because of sweet and tender combination of jerez, sparkling wine and grapefruit.


Luciano will help you to keep your head clear and your mind sharp until the end of New Year Holidays. Need a little break? – visit us in one of our non-alcohol “Country mornings” or taste our oroginal “Beer soup”.

From 3.01 to 12.01 at Luciano

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